Taking Photos for Background Casting Calls

Taking Photos for Background Casting Calls

June 7, 2023 Blog 0

When it comes to submitting photos for background casting calls, the photos you provide play a vital role in the casting process. This is your PSA not to submit any photo from your camera roll. No group photos, no sunglasses, no old photos, and please no photoshopped photos! Natural and recent photos are a must!


Directors, writers, and producers rely on these photos to make selections and gain an overall understanding of the scenes being cast. To help your chances of being chosen, submitting natural, high-quality photos is crucial. In this blog post, we will provide valuable tips on preparing and capturing photos for your casting submissions.


Embrace Your Natural Look/Get Ready:

  • It is important to present yourself in a natural way so that the casting team knows your true appearance. Avoid using excessive makeup and instead, opt for a minimal or no-makeup look. Style your hair as you would typically wear it, accurately representing your everyday appearance and how you would show up to set. Additionally, choose neutral clothing that is not overly distracting, allowing the focus to remain on you!


Seek Ideal Lighting and Background:

  • Find a location with good natural lighting, preferably near a solid wall. Remove any distractions from the background and ensure the lighting is even and clear. Avoid harsh shadows or overly bright light, as they can distort your facial features and make it difficult for the casting team to assess your true appearance.



  • When taking your photos, make sure to look directly into the camera lens. Feel free to smile! Remove any sunglasses or accessories that may obstruct your face. We need a clean slate! We always want a straightforward posing photo, but it never hurts to also include side angles or multiple options. 


Capture Close-Up and Full Body Shots:

  • Include both a close-up headshot and a full-body photo in your casting submissions. If you have someone who can take the photos for you, that’s great! Otherwise, you can use the timer function on your phone to capture self-portraits.

Taking photos for background casting calls is critical in increasing your chances of consistent bookings and being considered for more prominent roles. By following the tips outlined in this article—emphasizing your natural look, finding optimal lighting and backgrounds, understanding your angles, and capturing close-up and full body shots—you will present yourself in the best possible way for casting.